Reiki and Stress Relief

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​Janet's Story

After suffering for 25 years with severe pain and debilitating fatigue due to chronic illness, I was then diagnosed with cancer and referred to Hospice. Hospice asked if I was interested in Reiki. I had had two previous experiences with Reiki and was delighted. Hospice referred Joan Boccio and she provided me with bi-weekly Reiki sessions for several months. 

Once Reiki treatments began, I was no longer sleeping 22 out of every 24 hours, I was getting stronger and the pain decreased. After 5 months, Hospice said they could no longer provide services to me because I no longer met their criteria of someone expected to die in 6 months. I have only had one surgery for the cancer after which it came back but I chose to have no further treatment or evaluation as I no longer feel its impact.

I currently am experiencing the best health I have had in 25 years. For me Reiki feels like a life saver.

               Janet in Rancho Bernardo, CA

Joan Boccio


Reiki and Stress Relief

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