Operating Instructions

Victor Davich


Meditation is:  allowing what is


Be Kind to Yourself

“Don’t sweat the small stuff”—

don’t analyze your meditation


8 Minutes. Every Day. No More. No Less

stick to 8 minutes a day,

can’t make up missed time


Leave the Driving to Us

Just use the book/CD to meditate,

and meditate!


No Such Thing as a Bad Meditation

No wrong way, just meditate


Allow . . allow… allow

Thoughts that arise are natural,

just allow and refocus


Catch and Release

Allow thoughts to come,

and release them . . .


Don’t Get Mystical-Shmystical

Don’t look for enlightenment,

just meditate


Have Fun with It!

No pressure, just meditate


Breath Is Home Base

Go back to focusing

on the breath when interrupted


Making a practice of taking a few minutes a day to sit quietly and focus on the breath and peaceful thoughts helps you be more present in daily activities.

Unfortunately, it does not happen overnight, it needs to become a habit, so practice is needed.

There are many CDs available to choose from and websites with samples to try.  The library can be a great resource to try different meditations before investing in one.

Yoga classes often include meditation as part of their practice.

Science is supporting the idea of meditation and finding beneficial effects to blood pressure and decision making.

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