Reiki and Stress Relief

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Level 2, $125

Mind/Body Understanding
·Chakra Meditation and Chakra Healing with Reiki

·Understanding What You Feel/Sense, Energetically 
·Reiki Sacred Symbols
·You Will Receive Your Reiki Level II Attunement
·Distant Reiki Techniques and Practice
·Working with Your Reiki Guides
·Other Uses for Reiki 
·Working with Clients
·Things to Keep in Mind
·Reiki Level II Certification 

Reiki Session

45 minute session, $65.

During a Reiki session, you are fully clothed and fully aware of all that is occurring. Reiki is usually performed while the receiver is comfortably lying down and involves the Practitioner's hands resting for several minutes at designated positions around the head, shoulders, stomach, and back. During a session you may talk, ask questions, express feelings or you may rest quietly until its completion. The session begins and ends with a consultation

Reiki Attunements

Level 1,  $100

History of Reiki and Reiki Gokai
·         What Reiki Is and What to Expect

·         Introduction to Chakras and Meditation

·         Reiki Hand Positions

·        You Will Receive Your Reiki Level I Attunement

·         Hands On Practice and Application 

·         Types of Reiki

·         Things to Keep in Mind

·         Reiki Level I Certification